Signatory Contractor Benefits


  • The ability to scale your workforce up and down almost instantly to meet your needs in a volatile and unpredictable market.
  • Access to higher quality GC’s allowing you to bid on larger and more profitable projects
  • By belonging to an organization that handles manpower, training, and employee benefit needs, this allows more time to develop and grow your business.

Skilled and Trained Workforce:

  • The vast majority of our workforce meets the states “Skilled and Trained” workforce requirements.
  • These requirements need to be met on all PLA’s and on the majority of school district projects.
  • Journeyman Upgrade Training Program Requirements promote a work force that is continually developing new skills.

Apprenticeship Training:

  • 10 Training Centers in Southern California
  • New 100 million Dollar Training Center in El Monte
  • The A&J spends $18,000,000 in training each year
  • We currently represent a workforce of 37,318
  • Well established curriculums with the ability to adapt to local and specific market demands.
  • Service and Repair Apprenticeship

Industry Partnership and community:

  • CPMCA is dedicated to improving the industry by:
  • Providing education and training programs for management, design teams, and office staff.
  • Promoting contracting opportunities among its members.
  • Advocating for policies and projects that will benefit the industry and the Southern California economy.
  • Contractor and vendor, networking opportunities

Trust Fund Benefits:

  • Lower labor burden (Taxes paid on Wages)
  • H&W Benefits mean a healthier and more productive workforce.  They also limit the need for disability claims and lawsuits.
  • 3 Pensions: National, Local, and Defined Benefit (401 K)
  • Good pension plans help with worker retainment
  • Currently there is NO unfunded liability with our Local Pension which is fully funded.

ADR Workers Compensation Program:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (
  • Reduces Premiums by Lowering your Experience Modification Factor
  • Expediates the resolution of disputed claims by replacing the jurisdiction of the Workers Compensation Appeals Board with a highly streamlined ADR claims process.

CBA Benefits:

  • The Collective Bargaining Agreement Is a living document that has been refined over the last 120 years of partnership. The biggest and most successful mechanical contractors in the southland are signatory to the Master Labor Agreement. The Collective Bargaining Agreement works for both labor and management.
  • Standardized Agreements and Wages throughout Southern California
  • Estimation planning and stability
  • Protection from recent hyperinflation pertaining to employee wages.
  • Working under a CBA directs many employee issues towards the union representatives and away from the contractor, thereby keeping job site hours productive. Additionally, CBA’s can provide relief to HR departments.
  • Management Trustees on every trust fund showing that Management has an equal voice at the table

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